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Re[2]: Recalls

     Even if you don't think your heater core is covered by a recall, have 
     the dealer check it out anyway.  They should inspect it for free, and 
     often (depending on the dealer) will replace it anyway.  There seems 
     to be some sort of "internal" recall, where VW doesn't announce it but 
     anyone who comes in asking the right questions gets the replacement.  
     It happened with my Fox -- the core leaked like a sieve, but the 
     recall at the time only covered Golfs and Jettae.  The dealer checked 
     it out and when I called for an update, they said it was done!
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '88 VW Fox GL

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According to Philip J Ethier:
>I suppose I'd better call VW
>about the Syncro.  I seem to remember sending a card I found with the 
>original owner's manuals in the glove box, but I don't recall getting 
>anything from VW.  I wonder if they really know I am here.
Just in case you are not aware, there is a recall for VW heater cores. 
They can tell you if yours was done, and since it is a nasty condition 
especially in winters, its good to check and make sure you know what 
happened before you became the owner.
BTW, thanks for the instructions about resseting the ox sensor, it 
worked like a charm.