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Re: Snow Tires

Hi Zafer,

I've recently seen a comparison test (I think it was R&T) rated Blizzaks the 
clear winner, very nearly as good as studded tires.  An earlier test in another 
rag (sorry, I can't cite which) *Did* note that effectiveness drops with
tread wear.

> snow tires - Bridgestone Blizzaks, Pirelli 190P, etc. What are your
> impressions having used them last winter? Although the Blizzaks have good
> reviews, I don't like the fact that after 55% of the tread is worn, you're
> left with regular all season compound. Are other snow tires still effective
> with 45% or less tread on them? Or does the shallow tread depth at that
> point become a more dominant factor than the winter rubber compound?

Narrower tires are the ticket.


Bart Chambers
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