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Re: Snow Tires

On Oct 25,  3:42pm, Zafer Mehmood  [209] wrote:
> Subject: Snow Tires


 What about some recommendations for a good
> snow tire? I have been managing with all-season tires so far but would like
> to buy a set of dedicated snow tires for the winter. Looking at the old
> posts from last year, I noted that several people on this list bought
> snow tires - Bridgestone Blizzaks, Pirelli 190P, etc.

>-- End of excerpt from Zafer Mehmood  [209]

	The guys on the Volvo mailing list, who have much more reason to
	worry about snow than you quattro drivers, used to swear by
	Nokia Hakkapelliktas (I know that's *almost* right, but not quite).
	I don't know if anyone's tried it on their Audi.