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Re: Re: Audi factory visit info, now Nurbegring track info

On Oct 21, 10:14am, Hans-J Tannenberger wrote:
> Subject: Re: Re: Audi factory visit info, now Nurbegring track info
> >
> > My last trip to Germany I had a 316i, since no Audis or VR6 VWs were
> > available. And it's meager 102 hp engine could get me to 120 mph (190
> > downhill.  I kept feeling it cut back at that speed, and thought
> > that darn speed limiter.  But a quick scan of the tach and I realized
> > it was the rev-limiter :^o
> >
[ ...]
> Adam,
> it's a speed and not a rev limiter, since I still had 900-1000 rpm to
> go to redline. And yes the 525 is quite capable of doing 225kmh, although
> it takes a little while to get there. At speed the cw value has a much
> higher impact than weight. The German dealer confirmed the SPEED limiter.
>-- End of excerpt from Hans-J Tannenberger

	Hmm -- that's interesting.  As far as I could tell, the 320i that
	I drove last month (Hamburg-Berlin-Hannover-Hamburg) was neither
	rpm- or speed-limited.  The owner's manual quoted a maximum speed
	of 214 km/h : I hit an indicated 212 km/h right around the 6,500
	rpm redline.  Seems about right ... though maybe the car wasn't
	powerful enough to *need* limiting.


	PS: It cost DM 186 for 2 weekend days from Avis, by the way.  Gas was
	DM 1.58 or so per litre.  A 520i (not a 525) was DM 100 more,
	as was an Audi 100.