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re: Re: Audi factory visit info, now Nurbegring track info

>bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell) Wrote:

>| A recent (past year) European Car mag had a nice article on 
>| the Nurbegring (sp)
>| track.  According to them, it is open to the public and for a 
>| fee you can
>| drive on some real history.  What kind of car are you 
>| renting? ;)  
>I am attempting to rent an Audi 100 2.6l manual trans but if that is not 
>available I may get a BMW 520i.
>What major city is the Nurbegring track near? I can't find exact location 
>in the Magazine article.

I'll have to defer this to the net - I know of what I lust, just not where.
The article in EC did nothing to disuade me from, what for me would be, an
ulimate "Walter Mitty".  If I ever get there I WILL find the ring.

Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org