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Repco Metal Masters

I am considering use of Repco Metal Masters on an '91 Audi 
Coupe Quattro and an '89 Audi 100 for their low-dust 
caharacteristic.  If you have experience with these pads please 
advise on their perfomance, durability and their impact on 
rotor life.  I know pad replacement on the Audi 100 is a snap, 
is the job as simple on the Coupe Quattro.

Also, I just received the Metal Masters for the Coupe Quattro.  
The ID number on the pads do not agree with the numbers on the 
box.  Is there any number on the pad or any physical 
characteristic that tells me that these are definetly Repco 
Metal Masters.

The front and rear pads have the following alphanumerals:
                  Front Pad Box: 17-23087-M D3087M

                  Front pad:  DB1253W  BMXB+ EE 370765

                  Rear Pad Box: 17-20363M D363M
                 Rear pad: DB222 BMXB-EE 486U

I'd appreciate your input on these pads.