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Re:Repco Metal Masters


I put Repco MetalMasters on my '90 Coupe and have been very pleased.  I've 
had them on for about 5000 miles, and things seem to be wearing well.  I 
bought them from Imparts, who stocked the rear, but had to special order the 
fronts.  The fronts are identical to the S4.

The replacement was very straightforward.  If you are just replacing the 
pads, the front caliper does not need to come off.  Simply remove the lower 
bolt, loosen the upper bolt, and swing half of the caliper "up".  You may 
have to depress the pistons (two of them) to get the new pads in.  Bentley 
also recommends replacing the bolts.

The rears are a little different.  You must remove the caliper, and depress 
and turn the piston at the same time.  I used some channel locks with tape 
on the teeth for this.

I don't recall if there were part numbers on the pads, but I chan check what 
was on the box this weekend.  If you'd like, I'll post the part number on 

BTW, I bought gas slotted front rotors from Sun Spectrum, $190.

Alex Chernushin