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Re: Repco Metal Masters

>The replacement was very straightforward.  If you are just replacing the 
>pads, the front caliper does not need to come off.  Simply remove the lower 
>bolt, loosen the upper bolt, and swing half of the caliper "up".  You may 
>have to depress the pistons (two of them) to get the new pads in.  Bentley 
>also recommends replacing the bolts.

When replacing the rears, it was just as easy to take the calipers off, as I
had to do some banging to get the old pads out.

Does uneven pad wear on the same wheel (inside to outside) indicate a caliper
problem?  The parking brake is also out of adjustment, so this may be a factor
as it seems to only "brake" the left side (same side as uneven wear).

>The rears are a little different.  You must remove the caliper, and depress 
>and turn the piston at the same time.  I used some channel locks with tape 
>on the teeth for this.

Yeah...I figured that one out.  The Bentley manual shows a nice "hex key"
arrangement...yeah right.  Two slots in the piston, too small for vice
grips/channel locks to fit into, and I was uncomfortable using the vice grips
to grab the piston from the side and turn it (didn't want to damage the seal).
So I used a large pair of tin-snips, or any scissors like tool which will fit
in there and be beefy enough to take the torque.  Not pretty, but on a sunday
afternoon...it works!  ;-)

>I don't recall if there were part numbers on the pads, but I chan check what 
>was on the box this weekend.  If you'd like, I'll post the part number on 

I already got the Lucas/Girling pads (metallics) and figure I'll just use
them.  $34/pair vs. $69/pair at the dealer.  Not a big lucas fan, as I was
able to find Beck Arnley organics for the rear.  Oh well, we'll give it a

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