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re: Experiences with IPC parts


I have purchased several items from IPC. Bosch Electric Fuel Pump, various 
electrical items, Blower motor, relays etc. Most if not all the stuff was 
made in germany and OEM quality. Their prices are ok, not as low as from 
my local Halsey Imports in Portland, OR but then IPC has more Audi parts 
Edward Armstrong <armstron@crl.COM> Wrote:
| Hi, I was wondering if anyone would share experiences with 
| IPC (Import
| Parts Connections). They have an ad in EC that I responded to 
| for
| a driveshaft for my 4000s. Their remanufactured unit (that 
| uses 
| original Lobro joints) was $120 which sounds pretty good, much
| cheaper than other places. Anybody have any recommendations 
| for
| this outfit or any others? Thanks
| 		Ed Armstrong