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re: Re: European delivery versus longterm rental car


Yes, renting a car for 6 weeks would be expensive. Many travel books 
recommend leasing or possibly purchasing a vehicle if your stay gets 
rather long. In Germany the sub-compacts can be had for $80 - $100 per 
week, the BMW's ie 316i start at around $300/week and go all the way up to 
$700-900/week for a 730i. Someone also pointed out that the high cost of 
gasoline ($3-4 per gallon) over in Europe could affect the vehicle 
you choose to travel with.
| Just a short point... if you were travelling to Europe at 
| your own expense,
| in other words, NOT ON BUSINESS, would you need to rent a car 
| while there???
| How much would that cost??? My father has bought 2 Audis with 
| European delivery
| as my parents holiday for 6 weeks in UK/Mainland Europe every 
| 2 years. Six
| weeks of rentals could be big dollars!!!!
| It was worth it to him!
| David
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