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5000Q bushings and repco pads


I had the rear bushing replaced on the 88 5000Q this morning that has been
recently discussed on this list. The bushing itself is indeed the
443-511-247-C part number that Matt described. I just had the mechanic order
the Audi part as he was taking his time finding the D part. Also, one of the
Audi dealers I spoke with said that they aren't sold separately anymore due to
corrosion problems with the mount once the old bushing came out of it.

>From looking at the new bushing, it looks like the flanges of the bushing
should be even on both sides of the mount. On the old bushing the flanges are
pressed against one edge of the mount and extended on the other side. Also,
there is a fair amount of corrosion on the side of the mount where the flange
is pressed tight to the mount and some corrosion on the other side.

The mechanic also found a problem with the rear brake pads put in by the dealer
a few months ago. The springs on all four of the rear pads were broken allowing
the pads to juggle around. The old pads were Repco but I didn't get the type. I
had them replace the pads (they put in 'deluxe') and I will talk to the dealer
about a refund for the old pads (Pass & Weiss - I know they're on the not
recommend list but they're the only convenient dealer around).