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Re: Lousy reception with aftermarket stereo in Audi

>For a quick clue, look at the amount of the antenna's length that extends
>above the roof line.  Sorry about the bad news.  I've got a 4KQ also.

A reasonable theory, but my experience indicates the situation is a little
more complex.  With the factory antenna on the rear left fender I get
_excellent_ reception behind the car and OK reception in front. For
expample,  I can consistently receive the D.C. public radio stations on the
bypass around Richmond until I pick up I-64 on the way to Norfolk.  This is
probably a distance of 80+ miles by air. On the return trip, however, the
same stations cannot be adequately received until I'm probably 20 miles closer.

The car is an '86 5000 and the radio is a new (relatively) cheap Sony
AM/FM/CD player.

Jason Douglas