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Re: Boge and another question

>Also, I was looking at antifreeze.  My mechanic recommends Zerex,
>and says that it will not corrode the radiator or any other parts.
>Is this OK for the car, or do I need to buy some other brand that
>specifies non-phosphate?  The Zerex does not mention phosphates at

Since nearly all anti-freezes have phosphates, and since phosphate free
anti-freezes cost more, it would seem safe to assume that relatively
inexpensive Zerex has phosphate in it.  You might consider using Prestone
4/60. (At least, I think it was prestone). They specifically say it has no
phosphate in it and that it is good for 4 years or 60,000 miles.  I got some
1.5 years ago at Walmart for about $8 /gallon.  Don't know if the stuff is
still available.

Jason Douglas