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Re: Boge and another question

> Also, I was looking at antifreeze.  My mechanic recommends Zerex,
> and says that it will not corrode the radiator or any other parts.
> Is this OK for the car, or do I need to buy some other brand that
> specifies non-phosphate?  The Zerex does not mention phosphates at
> all.
Just changed mine with Zerex 4/50 which IS phosphate free. About twice
the cost of regular Zerex and hard to find. Prestone also has a phosphate
free anti-freeze but it has been out of stock wherever I've looked.

Been investigating the Redline MTL question and got the basic product
lit from Redline. In it they plot the heat transfer characteristics of
water, 50/50 mix, and a 100% gycol. Guess what? The best is plain old
water! Which is to say... make a mix which minimizes gycol content but
still provides adequate freeze protection. You'll be able to improve
the efficiency of the cooling system that way.

Bob Kunz
'86 5000s Wagon