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Was: Boge.. Now: Antifreeze

> > 
> > water, 50/50 mix, and a 100% gycol. Guess what? The best is plain old
> > water! Which is to say... make a mix which minimizes gycol content but
> > still provides adequate freeze protection. You'll be able to improve
> > the efficiency of the cooling system that way.
> > 
> True, water may have better heat dissipation properties than ethylene
> glycol, but don't go below that minimum concentration recommended by Audi.
> The anti-freeze serves more purposes than its name indicates. I have read

Zafer's right. I didn't mean to say go below the minimum mix for all the
other reasons Zafer cites. What *I* had been doing was going to the 70/30
mix to get more freeze protection thinking that was better than 50/50. I'm
back to 50/50 since it really doesn't get THAT cold here anyway.

On the Mazda 626, head gaskets were a known "replace on failure" problem
with 626 at least through 1984 model year. I had my '81 done at 88K miles.
I wouldn't necessarily blame the failure on straight water in the system,
but that radiator corrosion is certainly due to straight water.

OK, next question. What do you use for the water in the antifreeze mix?
Distilled, tap, softened? And why?

Bob Kunz
'86 5000s Wagon