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Strut replacement/Springs

Hello Audiphiles:

The handling on my '87 5000CST has become progressively worse, i.e. very bumpy
harsh ride and I think I need new struts and shocks since the car has 113k 
miles on the originals.  

1. Does anyone know how to positively diagnose bad struts ?  I mean other than
the 'bounce and rebound' test.  I've been told 'rock the wheel in a vertical 
plane and feel the strut itself for play' - any comments?

2. I've checked the archives and there's seems to be dissent on whether the 
special (Zelenda) tool in needed to replace the strut inserts from the top.  
Anyone who has done this, please enlighten me.

3. The Boge Turbo Gas are back-ordered thru end of Dec from RD Enterprises and
I put a call in to Stranos.  Any other sources without me calling every vendor
on the list?

4. If I have to remove the springs to replace the entire strut instead of just
the insert, I'm considering lowering the car by using shorter, stiffer 
springs.  Anyone know if Eibach or others make performance springs for the 

Any other tips/advice would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Steve J.

P.S. Just got my adrenalin fix this weekend at Bridgehampton with my 944T.  
Also rode with my instructor in his 300HP 944T, 145 down the straight then 
'brake' for turn 1 at 120!  Man, what a rush!