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Re: 88 & 87 - 4000CSQ & 5000CSQT's

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994, Matt Bartholomew wrote:

> I purchased my '88 5000tq for $9000 from a dealer last summer, it had 
> about 66k miles on it, and LOTS of door dings.  They were asking $10k.
> I've probably spent $4k on repairs, misalignments, and new rubber (twice
> now due to the misalignments), and a little paint work too.  Glad I'm
> making the big bucks working for Uncle Mario.  Fortunately, there's
> a mechanic near my hometown who fixes (usually correctly) Audi's for
> a living, otherwise I'd probably be quite frustrated and further in 
> the red if I had to go through a dealer for repairs.  Considering
> what I might have purchased new for $13k (Saturn?), I figure I'm 
> not too far behind.  Plus, where else am I going to find a galvanized
> AWD car in that price range?  As long as the tranny/diff hold out,  I'm
> happy.  Love those suede seats too, even with the non-functional seat
> heaters.
> Matt

	Well that's good to know. That's something I've read her before 
and it seems to be consistant with many quattro owners (the fact that 
they had to pay for repairs that maybe wouldn't be as costly on another 
car, but they feel it's woth it). That says a lot about the car.