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88 & 87 - 4000CSQ & 5000CSQT's

I'm in the market for an 88 (possibly 87) 4000 CSQ or a 5000 CSQT.
I was wondering what all of the possible options on these cars are. Were 
ABS and Air bags standard or even options? How about the oil temp, oil 
pressure, etc gauges? I'd proably be looking for one that has less then 
100K on it, preferably a good deal less. Is it pretty reasonable to 
expect it to go over 200K? (without rebuilding everything) I would like 
to keep it a long time (10 years or more). I think I'll find that either 
car will be a good deal nicer then my 83 Sentra. What should I expect for 
prices? Seems prices go from around $4500 - $6500 for a 5000CSQT and 
$3500 - $6000 for a 4000CSQ, sound right? Is it worth it to go for the 
extra $3K - $4K and get a 90Q? Can anyone recomend any dealers around the 
Boston area that would deal in older Audis?  My second choice is a Sentra 
SE-R.  Thank you for any help/comments! Hopefully I'll be putting an audi 
in my sig soon. :)

'83 Sentra coupe (loud!)