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Re: 88 & 87 - 4000CSQ & 5000CSQT's

I purchased my '88 5000tq for $9000 from a dealer last summer, it had 
about 66k miles on it, and LOTS of door dings.  They were asking $10k.
I've probably spent $4k on repairs, misalignments, and new rubber (twice
now due to the misalignments), and a little paint work too.  Glad I'm
making the big bucks working for Uncle Mario.  Fortunately, there's
a mechanic near my hometown who fixes (usually correctly) Audi's for
a living, otherwise I'd probably be quite frustrated and further in 
the red if I had to go through a dealer for repairs.  Considering
what I might have purchased new for $13k (Saturn?), I figure I'm 
not too far behind.  Plus, where else am I going to find a galvanized
AWD car in that price range?  As long as the tranny/diff hold out,  I'm
happy.  Love those suede seats too, even with the non-functional seat