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Re: battery light when blinkers on

In my experience, the alternator brushes wear out anywhere between 100K and
150K miles. They are a part of the voltage regulator assembly, and when new,
stick out about 12 mm; they should be replaced when they are about 2mm.

The trick is that very few part places sell them separately; they go with the
whole regulator. I bought mine at the local import-parts shop for $5 a pair,
and I changed them on both of my cars at around 150K. You need a fairly strong
soldering iron, I'd say about 100W.


	82 Coupe
	86 5000 TQ wagon

P.S.  I don't have the number of this local shop handy, and I don't know if
      they will ship. They are more expensive then the part vendors on this
      list so I rarely buy anything there. However, if anyone is interested,
      I will find all this out.