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Re: battery light when blinkers on

> In my experience, the alternator brushes wear out anywhere between 100K and
> 150K miles. They are a part of the voltage regulator assembly, and when new,
> stick out about 12 mm; they should be replaced when they are about 2mm.
> The trick is that very few part places sell them separately; they go with the
> whole regulator. I bought mine at the local import-parts shop for $5 a pair,
> and I changed them on both of my cars at around 150K. You need a fairly strong
> soldering iron, I'd say about 100W.
> 	Jakov
> 	82 Coupe
> 	86 5000 TQ wagon
> P.S.  I don't have the number of this local shop handy, and I don't know if
>       they will ship. They are more expensive then the part vendors on this
>       list so I rarely buy anything there. However, if anyone is interested,
>       I will find all this out.

Hi Jakov,
does this shop also sell the brushes for the fresh air fan, which wears
out about the same time. Audi only sells the whole motor/fan assembly.
- Hans

86 5000 CST
77 924 with new regulator, due to worn brushes :-(