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battery light when blinkers on

>The other night, I noticed that when I turn on my blinker the battery light
>glows very, very dimly. I thought at first this was because the two lights are
>so close together in the instrument panel that the light from the blinker
>indicator was bleeding into the other. However, this does not happen when the
>hazard lights are on. After carefully peering at the cluster, it is clear that
>the blinker indicator is causing the battery light to barely light. The 
>battery is brand new. This is an '81 Coupe.

My father's '82 Coupe has been doing this for, oh, probably over 100K miles 
now.  He tried replacing the voltage regulator, to no avail, so he has accepted
it as part of the character of the car.  :-)
When I had my '85 GT dash apart to adjust the gas gauge, I pulled off all the 
lights/nuts and cleaned them off.  When playing around with a continuity 
checker (to figure out why my gas gauge had stopped working), I noticed that 
some of the dash lights seem to be connected.  I suspect that the connection 
was for when they light up when the ignition is turned on.  So, maybe the 
problem is some leakage on this circuit?
Also, when I run the blinkers on my car, the voltage gauge does the oscillation
thing, in time with the blinker.  Just another part of the car's "character," I

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