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Re: battery light when blinkers on

> In my experience, the alternator brushes wear out anywhere between 100K and
> 150K miles. They are a part of the voltage regulator assembly, and when new,
> stick out about 12 mm; they should be replaced when they are about 2mm.
> The trick is that very few part places sell them separately; they go with the
> whole regulator. I bought mine at the local import-parts shop for $5 a pair,
> and I changed them on both of my cars at around 150K. You need a fairly strong
> soldering iron, I'd say about 100W.

These brushes are also available at the Audi dealer for $8. Amazingly
enough, there are some parts that are reasonably priced by Audi. I needed
that black flexible plastic cooling duct for the alternator. Needed to be
special ordered by the dealer. I thought its going to be expensive, special
part, etc. Guess how much it was? $3. I couldn't believe it!

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