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Re: Boge price

> How much can I expect to pay for a set of Boge shocks struts (including boots) 
> for a 5000S Quattro installed?  The front end is starting to hop into the 
> garage.  I'm bracing for the sticker shock.
> ---Jeff

This is what I paid about a year ago for my '87 5000 TQ:

Boge Turbo Gas Strut Inserts from Stranos  - $68 each.
Installation at my local Audi dealer	   - $75 for both

I have lifetime wheel alignment at Sears so I didn't pay for it. But
alignment is required for about $50 extra.

I would skip on the dust boots. The Audi ones are useless and they tear
into shreds in no time at all. I would suggest you check the rubber
bump stops and the strut top bushings and replace these if necessary.
I don't remember the price of these - the rubber stops are probably < $10
each whereas the bushings are more like $30 something. Note that these
are dealer prices; you may get them cheaper elsewhere if you bought them
beforehand. I found out they needed replacement when the old struts were
removed at the dealer so I just bought them there.

Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ