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Re: Boge price

> <O>
> <O>How much can I expect to pay for a set of Boge shocks struts (including boots) 
> <O>for a 5000S Quattro installed?  The front end is starting to hop into the 
> <O>garage.  I'm bracing for the sticker shock.
> <O>
> <O>---Jeff
> <O>
> The front shocks can be ordered for around $70 each, e.g. from Stranos.
> There is a lot of confusion over the rear shocks for 5000Q's. Even though 
> Boge are OEM on the car, the aftermarket suppliers catalogs do not list a
> Boge shock for this application. One story is that there is a dispute
> between Audi and Boge over the aftermarket sale of this shock. It is also
> possible that Boge make a shock for another application, that is identical
> or maybe differs only in its valving. Sam at Stranos is looking into this
> for me at the moment.
> Does anyone have any more info on this situation?
> Of course you can always buy them at the Audi dealer - if you feel like paying
> an insulting price for them.

My car (87 5000TQ) came with Sachs hydraulic shocks. My dealer claimed that
Sachs are OEM and not good. He recommended going with Boge hydraulics or
Boge TurboGas. I got the TurboGas and am very happy with them. I was also
told that the rear shocks for the 5000 quattros are available only in
Boge hydraulic form, not TurboGas. In my experience Sachs are lousy. My
Mercedes 560 SEL also came with Sachs and lasted only 55K miles. I replaced
them with Bilsteins not too long ago.

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