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Re: Questions on '86 5000 CS Quattro

> The owner had the steering assembly replaced 2 years ago. Up to 60K mile
> service were apparently done at dealer and later ones seem to have been
> done at local repair shops.
What do you mean by steering assembly? The steering rack and hydraulic pump
are especially prone to leaking on these cars, so check them out.

> The rear door power windows don't open. Is there a special
> switch for these? I tried both the driver-side switches and the
> ones on the doors.
There is a "child safety" switch on the driver's door to disable rear
windows (at least on the 87). But you should still have been able to
open/close the rear windows from the driver's master switches.
So something may be wrong.

> What others should I been on the lookout for?  The turbo does make
> some whirling sort of sound. How do I tell it's working OK?
Check the turbo boost gauge (one of the selections in the trip computer)
when accelerating hard in 2nd or 3rd gear. The boost level should go upto
1.2 or 1.3 bar. This indicates the turbo is generating enough boost.
A smoking exhaust under heavy acceleration could mean leaky turbo oil seals.
Although some turbos make a whining noise, my Audi doesn't. So I don't
know if the noise you hear has any significance. A louder rumbling noise
from the turbo could mean bearings are on their way out. I suggest you have
the car checked out by a trusted Audi mechanic before buying it. Audi turbos
generally hold up pretty well.

> The brakes felt hard with little travel. Is it normal for the 5000 CSQ
> with ABS? Also I heard that ABS' are supposed to make chattering sound 
> when you turn the car on. Does the 5000 CSQ's ABS do that?
No, the ABS is not supposed to make a chattering noise at start up or under
normal driving. It does make a chattering noise and pulses the brake pedal
quite strongly only when the ABS activates (generally on slippery road
conditions). An occasional pedal pulse when reversing is normal in Bosch
ABS equipped cars.

> Does the timing belt in the car need to be replaced at regular intervals?
Yes, usually by about 90K miles.

> Finally, is the asking price of $5000 for the car reasonable?
Sounds okay. But check the NADA (yellow) used car book at your local library
or bank. Stay closer to the wholesale price rather than the retail.

> Thanks much for all your suggestions and help.
you're welcome.

Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ