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Re: Power = f(t) ?

>dense, contains more oxygen, gives more energy.  Purpose of intercooler
>is to make intake air cooler.

I thought it was to reduce the volume of the gasses to you can pack more into
the cylinder.  Hot gas expands, taking up more volume....cool gas contracts
taking up less volume.

Of course, there is the thermodynamic explanation of an open loop, adiabatic,
isothermal work to compress a volume....  ;-)

My thermo prof said that an "intercooler" is really an "aftercooler"....as an
inter-cooler cools the gas between 2 stages of compression for greater
efficiency....the intercooler cools after the turbo.  However, if you consider
the 2nd stage of compression to be in the cylinder, it really *is* an
intercooler.  Maybe I'm babbling....I never was very strong in thermo.

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