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Re: Power = f(t) ?

> 	is almost certainly a correlation with temperature: afternoons are
> 	always worse than mornings and hot days are always worse than
> 	cooler ones.


> 	My ME friend tells me that high temperature and humidity are
> 	bad for turbos in general.  He's also an amateur pilot, and
> 	he mentioned that climb rates were drastically affected by
> 	temperature and humidity in turbocharged (piston-engined, of course!)
> 	aircraft.

Universal, not peculiar to piston engines (ask any Vietnam era chopper
jock).  Hot humid air contains less oxygen per cubic unit of volume.
Less oxygen results in less energy form combustion.  Cooler air is more
dense, contains more oxygen, gives more energy.  Purpose of intercooler
is to make intake air cooler.


Bart Chambers
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