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Re: Power = f(t) ?

Hi Chris, and Frank Deutschmann (who makes roughly the same poing)

> >dense, contains more oxygen, gives more energy.  Purpose of intercooler
> >is to make intake air cooler.
> I thought it was to reduce the volume of the gasses to you can pack more into
> the cylinder.  Hot gas expands, taking up more volume....cool gas contracts
> taking up less volume.

I gotta stick by my guns, Laddies.  An intercooler exists to transfer heat
out of (often called "cool") the intake charge.  Sounds to me like you're
confusing the "purpose" of the intercooler with the "reason" we use the
bloody thing... But you gotta cut me some slack here,, I'm just an ol'
country boy, so what do I know...

<gulp, swallow, ...glug, glug, glug...> (Ahhh... it sure helps to take one
or two of them little blue jobbies every now and then)

You are correct,  The *reason* we cool the incomming charge is to make it more
dense  etc., (see quote above)


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