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Re[2]: Strange Suspension problems

Hi Bob-

Of course we can! But first, you have to tell us what tires you 
finally bought. 

>Pirelli P4000 "Super Touring" H rated/AA.  I was a little 
>reluctant since I've heard mixed stuff about the older Pirelli's, 
>but these got better reviews and I get a 30 day ride guarantee 
>(just in case I hate them).  Also I couldn't find anyplace that 
>stocked Comp T/As, Bridgestone RE71s or Yokahamas and I was told 
>that special orders would void the tread warranty completely.  

>The P4000s were $70 each with a 60K tread warranty .  So far, I 
>like the feel of them but driving conditions have been dry.  I'm 
>waiting to see how they perform in the wet.  

>BTW, the RE71s that were recommended ($78 from the Tire Rack) 
>were priced at $121 and $125 at the places I called!
>Thanks to everyone who made recommendations.
Here's my shot at the problem. This is really pulling stuff out of no where 
just like a defense lawyer would do. <end of political comment>
How about the possibility that you have a frozen caliper? Combine that 
with improper torque of the lug bolts that could have warped the rotor 
and you may experience what you say. I have had a car with this problem 
and it was due to a rusted piston in the caliper. Brakes would work fine, 
but every now and then the piston would stick and not move back the small 
amount needed to release the brakes completely. Then the front end would 
get a rythmic thump that had no basis in speed.

>Sounds like a possibility.  This morning the vibration happened again, 
>but only when I pressed on the brake.  Alot less pronounced this time, 
>but still there.  I'll have it checked.  I've never had this problem 
>before - what does the repair work entail?
With all the discussion here about rotors warping, I'd make sure that all 
the shops your car has been in did not over torque the lug bolts. They 
should be 80 ft-lbs or one risks warping things in a hurry.

>Since the idiots that put the tires on last time are the same ones that 
>told me they had no problem aligning the car, its a good possibility that 
>they could have over torqued the bolts.

BTW: What ever happened to your hydraulic lifter noise problem?
>The net wisdom seemed to be that new lifters temporarily help the noise, but 
>that it returns eventually.  So I just live with it.  It doesn't affect 
>performance and oil changes at regular intervals seem to help.  There are 
>plenty of things to fix without doing marginally necessary ones!