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Re[2]: Emissions...%-{

     Let us know how you make out.  I have a '88 90Q which will need an 
     exhaust system soon (its got a good deal of rust on it from its life 
     in MA).  If you successfully bypass the middle muffler, I'd be 
     interested in hearing how you accomplish it.

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Subject: Re: Emissions...%-{
Author:  quattro@swiss.ans.net at SMTPLINK
Date:    11/3/94 12:41 PM

Just called the office for a clearer definition.  Performance exhaust systems 
are "legal" IF they are "EPA Certified"....which according to this guy are 
difficult to find.
This comes from Sec 42 of the Clean Air Act.  He is sending me a copy of the 
"exhaust repair guide" which apparently conveys the meaning of this section.
I'll post a copy of this article when I get it.
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