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re: Re: Audi factory visit info, now Nurbegring track info

There are two tracks, both with similar names that can be confusing!

There is a track in Nurnberg, called the Norris Ring, or North Ring.
This is a relatively small track in an ancient colesium. It is open
to the public to drive, I think 24 hrs.

Then there is _The Nurburing_ or _The Ring_. This is the *BIG* one, in
size and in history, this is the one you want. It's out in the countryside,
I don't recall the name of the town. Stunningly beautiful, there's a castle
on a mountain in the center of _The Ring_. It is also open to the public,
I think weekdays, and closes at like 5 pm. We got to this one about 1/2
hour too late and didn't get to drive it. MAJOR :(
We'll try again when we go back, it *WILL* be worth it!

I have some video of Audis racing in the Touring Car Championship on the
Norris Ring. There might also be footage of _The Ring_ as well on this

Oh, I think there is a fee of like ~$5 for _The Ring_