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Re: Audi Customer Relations-Misleading Customers

In message <9411021325.AA03952@tinman.mke.ab.com>  writes:
> In a previous message,Glen Powell writes:
> >
> >Have you heard about the 310 HP, LT1-Corvette motor, 6-speed '95 Impala SS?
> >
> >Front cover of Autoweek, Oct. 31-Nov.6, 1994
> I never thought the Caprice could be pretty, but as the Impala...it's not 
> bad.  They finally cut out those damned rear wheel arches and lowered it 
> about 2 inches.  Looks low, wide, and mean.  Not bad.

[Look out you guys, someone left his door open, an' he's loose again...]

<ahem...>  ...AND, it has a cave in Kentucky named after it!

It looks larger that my buddy's 58 Impala, the German term for which was


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