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Re: "Chipping" your car?

> glen%hera@mail.smc.com (Glen Powell) writes:
> >The ignition system would be the last place to look for performance improvements.
> 	Jacobs Electronics claims their ignition system does improve performance
> because of more complete combustion.  They say engines have a percentage of 
> missfires where no combustion occurs.  The gain is around 12-15 hp for the Audi V8.

I've heard other places Jacobs has a propensity to exaggerate their benefits.
I have trouble believe a car with any kind of regular misfire would pass
emmissions.  Especially a claim involving substantial percentage horsepower

> 	I like it because you don't lose anything or have any tradeoffs (once you
> have bought it).  The chips seem to get most of their power from setting the
> advance curves for Hi-Test gas.

The flip side is that you won't gain anything over a properly operating stock
ignition, either.  I doubt you'll see a statistically significant difference
over the stock system, but let us know after you run it for awhile.


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