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Re: "Chipping" your car?

It's my understanding (theoretical, not practical) that the best way to get
performance is to let the engine BREATHE.  Work 1st on intake and
exhaust...you'll get the biggest bang/buck that way.  Ignition comes in
when you are running higher rpms and the stock system can't keep up.
Almost all cars are a compromise between performance and drivability, based
on the intended driving audience.  All cars must start and run well when
cold, be drivable at low and high speeds, and meet emissions.  When you
tamper with the ignition system, you inevitably sacrifice something.

Speaking of breathing...it looks like my mid-muffler is rusting out.  I'm
seriously thinking about just tubing is straight through.  Anyone done
this?  Performance? Noise?  Talk to me!!  :-)


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