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AVI -> QT, sorry for the bandwidth

I have received an overwhelming number of requests for the conversion, so
I'm sending it to the list.  I will apologize if this is taking up too much
bandwidth, but I cannot reply individually...

First you need the whale.avi file (caution 11+ MEGS!).  This can be
obtained from either
ftp://cathouse.org/pub/cathouse/urban.legends/gif/whale.avi or from
tinman.mke.ab.com.  Don't know where D. put it, but it's there as a gzip
compressed file (about 10 MEGS..eeek).

Then you will need the converter utility.  It's a free/shareware package
called vfw1.1.  This is available from a Mac archive like archive.umich.edu
in the /graphics/graphicsutil directory.  Or for those who have exhausted
every option, I have put it into

Follow the installation instructions for this package.

You then start the "AVI to QT" utility in this package and give it the
whale.avi file.  In a matter of seconds, it will be done.  It creates a
very small "helper" file, which, when loaded into a QT player, acts as a
filter to xlate the avi format into QT.  That is why my conversion is NOT
universal...it is specific to where whale.avi is on your machine.

To view the movie, you need a Quicktime player like Sparkle or SimplePlayer
and the quicktime extension on your machine.  Double-click on the whale
file the conversion utility creates and you are in business.  You must
allocate a LOT of memory to your utility to view it.

Any other questions, please e-mail.


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