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Re: Clutch question

<O>If you are about to embark on removing the famous
<O>crank-pulley bolt, the right socket ( 30+mm, try 34 )
<O>will be less of a problem than finding some way to 
<O>hold that (in)famous crank pully still while you
<O>loosen up the bolt.
<O>The bolt is tightened to about 200+ lb-ft per spec,
<O>and if it has not been disturbed for many years it
<O>will require considerably more torque to budge it.
<O>( No, putting the car in gear, handbrake on etc, will
<O>put your transmission at considerable risk. Play it safe )
<O>Look at the "tool" in Bentley, or come up with some method
<O>to hold the pulley in place while you loosen the bolt.
Thanks for the good advice Alan. As a result of reading previous
posts, I've already bought the correct crank-locking tool for
about $60 from Zelinda and obtained a big ol' pipe to go on the
end of my breaker bar. This group is just so useful it's amazing.

By the way, if any Audi victims in my area (Central NJ) are doing 
the same job and want to borrow the tool, get in touch, seems a shame 
for it only to get used once every coupla years.

I also have a water pump + O ring to put on. Think I'll stop
at that point, unless the crank seal looks bad.

As for the socket, I could do without buying multiple sockets
on a trial and error basis - big ones get expensive -  and my
dial caliper won't fit in the pulley recess. Think I'll press a lump
of clay or something in there and measure the imprint...