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Clutch question

Hi folks,
Coupla questions...

First, anyone know the size of the socket needed for the
famous crank-pulley bolt that one has to remove to change the timing
belt? ... 27mm perchance?? (5000 series cars).

Secondly, how does your clutch feel? Right now I have a 5000S sedan
and a 5000CS Q wagon. The clutch on the sedan feels very "smooth" and
progressive, i.e. it travels quite a long way while gradually engaging.
The clutch on the wagon is the opposite, a snatchy, on/off sort of
feel, you have to be much more careful not to stall the car when
pulling away.

Both cars are over 100K miles, with no recent clutch change, probably
none ever in fact.

So which one is right? is one on its way out? does one need bleeding?
I'd appreciate some advice here.

BTW, I prefer the feel of the sedan's clutch much more myself, but I also 
eat marmite, so what the heck do I know?

Enjoy your weekend folks, I, for one will be happily getting my fingernails 
dirty (but not with marmite).