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Re: Clutch question

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nick Craft say:
> Hi folks,
> Coupla questions...
> Secondly, how does your clutch feel? Right now I have a 5000S sedan
> and a 5000CS Q wagon. The clutch on the sedan feels very "smooth" and
> progressive, i.e. it travels quite a long way while gradually engaging.
> The clutch on the wagon is the opposite, a snatchy, on/off sort of
> feel, you have to be much more careful not to stall the car when
> pulling away.

Well, my '89 100Q has the first kind of clutch. It is a long
throw, and has a linear "grab" throughout the entire throw range.

My '90 20V90Q on the other hand, has the second kind of clutch.
When I borrow it from my wife (not often enough :-), I have to
be careful.

Which is right? Is Batman a transvestite? Who knows....

I suspect that there are two different clutches in the Audi line.


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