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Re: 1990 90Q 20V vs 10v

Hairy green toads from Mars made Fred Heald say:

> I'm still trying to buy the 1990 90Q 20V I asked about two weeks ago 
> (waiting for him to lower his price) but I was curious - I can't find the 
> 20V in the blue book, it only shows 90 Quattro and does not specify 
> engine size/type as an option.
> Was there only one model?  Or is my blue book just lame?  What would you 
> guess is the price difference between normal and 20V if there were two 
> models?  My guess is that the 20V was just rare enough not to be shown in 
> the book (also does not list 1993 Land Rover 110, of which there were 
> 500).  Finally, any guesses on how many of these cars there were.

Nope, he 20V was not in the book. I went through this a few months
ago buying mine. I think the original list was about $2k more than the
base 90Q.

> Now I just have to decide whether to pay him his price, or take over his 
> payments: price is 16500; payments are 430/mo * 42 months = $18,060 
> which with 10% interest is something like $16500 net present value (but I 
> cheated and had to look that calculation up in my HP manual).

$16,500 is not too bad. We paid $15.9K with 46K miles. It was Pearl
White (clearly worth more ;-), and had a few extras.

If you want it, buy it! Don't get too hung up about a few
hundred dollars.


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