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Re: 1990 90Q 20V vs 10v

On Sat, 5 Nov 1994, Fred Heald wrote:
> I'm still trying to buy the 1990 90Q 20V I asked about two weeks ago 
> (waiting for him to lower his price) but I was curious - I can't find the 
> 20V in the blue book, it only shows 90 Quattro and does not specify 
> engine size/type as an option.
> Was there only one model?  Or is my blue book just lame?  

the 1988 and 89 90Q had the 130bhp 10 valve engine.  i believe the '90 90Q
onwards was a 20V until the V6 appeared.  i remember when audi invited me
to a track event in the fall of '89.  that's where i saw and drove the
then unannounced 90Q 20V for the first time.. (yes, we punted that car
around the wet track at high speeds.. :) :) :) )
the blue book is not bothering to specify 20V because 20V is implicit in
the year of the car. 

the coupe was the first car sold here with the 20V, i don't remember
exactly when they started.. '89?  the 90Q was never sold here with both
engines available as a choice, though the 80Q was strictly a 10V until the
day it was yanked.