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Re: Size of Lug nuts (bolts) on 1990 80Q

Hairy green toads from Mars made Zafer Mehmood say:

> I wrote:
> > > Should be 19 mm. That's the common metric size on many cars, my '87
> > > 5000TQ and MB 560 SEL included. But I'm not positive about your 1990 80Q.
> > > 
> > On all of my Audis/VW they are 17mm, also the old Merc my father in
> > law had used 17mm bolts.
> I stand corrected. Its is 17mm indeed. My memory is fading....
> Zafer

To be fair, 19mm is the *other* common size. All of my VWs and
Audis are 17mm, until I got a set of Borbet replacement wheels.
They had 19mm bolts, which drove me nuts.

Luckily ;-( the wheels didn't fit, so I had to return them.
I'm back to a single lug wrench now.

BTW, I highly recommend throwing away the lug wrench that came with
your car and dropping $20 for a Craftsman (or other) 18" bar with a
17mm socket for it. I never met a lug bolt I didn't loosen ;-)
Ditto for that stupid thing they call a "jack".


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