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Re: Radar detector/jammers

> What is the latest info. on radar detectors and jammers?  Is there an
> FAQ on them somewhere?  I don't follow the other auto newsgroups, but I 
> can get them if someone could give me a pointer.

My two cents:  In April, Car & Driver did a set of tests.  The Valentine 1
radar/laser detector blew away the competition.  Of course, at $400 and
unavailable at discount, it should.  Second place went to a BEL radar/laser
detector, followed by the Escort 4500.

In the December Automobile magazine, they performed a test.  The Valentine
was not tested and the BEL 645STi Plus was their clear winner.  The list on
this detector is also $400, but you can purchase them through mail order for
$209 (after a $30 rebate).

Therefore, I would say it comes down to how much you want to spend and what
you get for the incremental expense.  Others on the Talon/Eclipse/Laser group
I subscribe to swear by the Valentine and wouldn't touch the Escorts at this
point (too much cost saving, making them cheap).  

I just put my money on the BEL.