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Re: Radar detector/jammers

Gee, nobody said "it" yet, so I'll say it ...

I advise not to get a jammer, 'cause:

  Your fellow drivers with (dumb) detectors may receive false alarms.

  The legal, grey area of getting caught with a  "passive" detector is
  bad enough. I hate to think what a transmitting jammer would do to
  to a city's coffer.

If there's no fast car in front of you on a lonely stretch of interstate,
and they're using instant-on radar, I'm not sure if it's avoidable. 

In addition to the reviews on detectors (already mentioned here), Car
and Driver had an article way back about good observation techniques-
semi-obvious things, such as, be careful near overpasses.

-- Eddi Jew
   '86 5000S
   '86 GTI

    Opinions are mine.

 > Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 13:45:32 EST
 > From: jackvg@lehman.com (Jack Van Geldern)
 > What is the latest info. on radar detectors and jammers?  Is there an FAQ
 > on them somewhere?  I don't follow the other auto newsgroups, but I can 
 > get them if someone could give me a pointer.