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Re: Radar detector/jammers

 > > >  The legal, grey area of getting caught with a  "passive" detector is
 > > >  bad enough. I hate to think what a transmitting jammer would do to
 > > >  to a city's coffer.
 > There's nothing illegal about a truly passive jammer.  

Just to be clear as mud, I used '"passive" detector' to mean that most
detectors may transmit due to leakage from its local oscillator. I used
"passive" to convey the absence of transmitted signal, instead of 
"conditional/smart jamming". Sorry for the confusion.

 > But it's about 
 > as useful for radar jamming as a rabbit's foot would be.  I mean from 
 > FCC perspective here; 


 > some states may have laws in this area; I know a couple of states ban 
 > radar detectors.

That's what I meant by "The legal, grey area of getting caught ... with
a detector".

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