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Re: Radar detector/jammers

> Eddi Jew <jew@rysa.dtc.hp.com> writes:
> >  Your fellow drivers with (dumb) detectors may receive false alarms.
> 	The newer jammers seem to be passive, they only return the signal they get, so
> they probably would not cause other detectors to go off unless there was a transmitter
> in the area.

which isn't nearly as much signal as the other 15 square feet of your car's radar profile
returns.  These passive devices are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE.  

> >  The legal, grey area of getting caught with a  "passive" detector is
> >  bad enough. I hate to think what a transmitting jammer would do to
> >  to a city's coffer.

There's nothing illegal about a truly passive jammer.  But it's about as useful
for radar jamming as a rabbit's foot would be.  I mean from FCC perspective here;
some states may have laws in this area; I know a couple of states ban radar 

> 	I don't know if a cop could do anything even if you were transmitting.  I have
> heard that there are 2 FCC inspectors in the north-east of the USA, a very large area
> for 2 people to cover.  The FCC rules are Federal, therefore State and local cops can't
> do anything about it, as they have no jurisdiction.

I think that they could/would bust you and then turn you over to the feds for prosecution.
It would be a pretty silly world if only federal cops could arrest suspects for federal
crimes, etc.  But that's my guess, maybe there's a legal eagle on this list.

> 	I would try to make it a concealed intallation for the jammer, you don't need to
> see it like you do a detector.  If the cop can't see it, how would he know you have it?
Because he knows how his equipment behaves, he usually shoots a radar reading to 
confirm visual suspicion of speeding, and he knows damn well if he sees a screwy
reading that *something's* not right.

There's lots of ways to reduce the probability of getting snagged in the local revenue
net, but attempting to jam police radar wouldn't be too high on my list.  Using a 
radar detector and staying aware are probably the best means.


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