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Re: Tech Service Bullitens...question!

Will it be grey-scale or bit-mapped/half-tone?

I generally like PostScript files for printing, but not all EPS files 
are compatible across platforms. I might want to re-size the image and 
some applications fail to import some flavors of EPS files.

Would uncompressed TIFF be too much trouble? This might be the next,
most-portable, format (I'm in the IBM PC or UNIX domain). LZH, gnu-zip, 
or some other standalone compression standard could be used to get the 
file size down.

Thanks for doing the scanning.

-- Eddi Jew

 > I just got the copy of the tech bulliten for 88-89 5000 hydraulic pump
 > rebuild.   The PRINTED quality of the fax is exceptional.  However, when
 > converted to a picture, it's pretty poor (Macs cut the resolution down to th
 > at
 > of the screen).  To preserve readability and graphic detail, I will save the
 > m
 > as postscript if that is acceptable to everyone?  PostScript files tend to g
 > et
 > large and not everyone can use them.  However, I think this will be the best
 > compromise, especially when sent to a laser printer.
 > Thoughts?
 > Chris
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