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Intro - and a question

I'm the owner of an '87 5000S quattro.  I bought it used with 60K miles on it.
Great driving car - just alot of little things going wrong (and relatively 
expensive).  But it is the most secure car I have ever driven - .esp in the 

So far the things that have broken: Driver's side door handle, right rear 
window switch, defog switch, and the sun roof closes slowly.

I also just recently finished replacing the lifters and timing chain at 93K 
miles.  In the process I notice that one of the cam shaft studs was upside down 
and the boss around it was cracked (obviously earlier medling).  this was 
welded.  Reinstalling the cam caused one of the caps to break.  I found another 
cap that seemed to line up perfectly and reinstalled the cam more carefully - 
remembering to tap the valves to keep them from sticking.  Everything is 
together now (as of 2:00 am in the morning - yes it took all night).

Well the OXS light is on - and it is wired correctly... does this mean I need a 
new one or could I have broken a wire - and how do you tell?  How bad is this - 
or rather how long can I drive like this?

The radio stoped working - no light no anything (how could I have blown a fuse?)

Also how do you adjust the throttle cable?  Is there some kind of clamp or so 
that can be moved.  My car has a cable that attaches to the valve cover not a 
linkage.  There is a ruber isolator on the valve cover.  Should there be clip 
at this point as well or some sort of limiter?  Right now I can only go about 
half throttle.

I think that does it for repairs...

If I keep the car next I'll look into new struts and maybe sway bars...