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TQC earth straps

In message <199411221742.JAA29189@desiree.teleport.com> "David R. Derting" writes:
> I own an '83 TQC.  While the ground (earth) straps on the inlet manifold on
> my car have not failed, the (electrical ) current carrying capacity of the
> straps has degraded over the years.  Consequently, three of the fuel lines
> on the fuel injection system became earth straps/heating elements.  The
> heating effect melted the inner plastic in the lines, which lead to a fuel
> leak.
> My solution had been to add a supplemental ground strap from the alternator
> housing to the chassis.  As a result of this modification, the overall
> electrical performance of the car has dramatically improved.

The AA patrolman who helped me commented (disparagingly) on the gauge of the 
wire. I will now certainly review the whole thing.  During diagnosis, we 
discovered that the main chassis ground underneath the electrics (left side, by 
bonnet release) was loose as well.  The new inlet-manifold-to-injectors strap 
has dramatically changed the electrical performance - I was seriously concerned 
about the behaviour of the oil and water temperature gauges before, both 
reading erratically high.  Both are now "solid normal".  My flicking oil light 
has also gone.
I also have a 1982 Audi 80 CD (4000 5-cylinder carb. with every luxury).  The 
link between the starter solenoid and the field coils corroded, and the "silly 
little pin that carries main power to the fuse box" also burnt out.
I've seen lots of comments on the weaknesses of early 1980s Audi electrics here 
in the last two days - I will pay more attention in future.

I also keep seeing references to "Bentley"?  Whassat?