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Re: Emissions...%-{

> By changing the system to eliminate back-pressure, they would be actually
> *increasing* the emissions output even tho it may still be an acceptable level.
> This is in violation of the Clean Air Act and makes the shop subject to a
> $2,500 fine.

That doesn't make sense.  Federal law prohibits removing the cat or
gutting it, but as long as the vehicle passes emissions testing, there
should be no problem.  Who gave you this information?
> The question is, then, are performance exhaust systems even legal now?  This
> would say NO if you want to drive it on the road here in the Milwaukee
> metro/south-east Wi area.

In VW land, both the Techtonics and Leistritz exhausts eliminate
the middle muffler with straight pipe.  As I understand it, that piece
functions as a resonator, not really as a purifier.  In any event, both
these systems are legal in all 50 states, to my knowledge.
> Sounds like a long nite with my friend the hack-saw...   ;-)

You'll get no sympathy from me - I'm doing the GLI asap...

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